Giant butterfly attacks tour bus!!!


In Atlanta, GA, giant, beautiful butterflies have decided to take their revenge on heavy metal bands’ tour buses. This one, caught in action latching onto a famous Floridian death metal band’s bus on the first day of their tour, trying to blind their evilness with it’s gorgeous, bright, happy colors of pink and yellow. I managed to catch this image with my brand new Samsung Galaxy SIII while hiding in my own heavy metal tour bus, hoping not to suffer the same fate. No harm was brought to my phone or the butterfly during the taking of this photo.

About Erin

Hey there! I'm told I write good and stuff, so here I am, attempting to do that. I run a management company called FlyingFox AB based out of Stockholm, Sweden where I manage some well known bands, musicians and artists. I also offer services in consultancy, tour, production and event management. Currently, with all of this Covid-19 nonsense going on, I've found myself with quite a bit of time on my hands. This thing has knocked myself, and so many others completely off guard for those of us that work primarily in the live music, art and entertainment sectors. My latest attempt to make sense of it all is via Venting Post 16. Previously, I ran a blog called The Playground, but that's when I was young and full of hopes and dreams. It's still there if you're looking for Haikus about Drake or horror tour stories. But for now, that's on the back burner. This virus has crushed so many of us. Have a look around and get the real deal from the professionals who have been directly effected by this fucker. Oh yeah, there's cursing. So if that offends you, best not go on.


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    Breaking News on The Bohemian Playground!!!

  2. Oh how symbolic the innocence of this beauty versus the pure evilness inside the bus ;-p

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