This felt like a rant for you here at The Bohemian Playground to relate to.

The Playground

One of my favorite things to do, is waste hours of precious time perusing through the photos on foodgawker and craftgawker, and most recently, stylegawker. I’m always in intrigued by the things that people come up with and I’m drawn to the perfectly composed photos.

I’ve always considered myself a bit of an amateur photographer. I understand about lighting and composition. I grasp what makes a decent photograph versus what makes an amazing photograph. I look through the photos on these sites in awe. In particular, the food photos. I wonder how long the food is sitting there, getting cold, before that perfect shot is taken, or how long and how many hours are spent editing the photo in photoshop? While these are incredible photos that definitely deserve the attention received on foodgawker, I like to think it’s also about the “real life photos” and the content of…

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About tourmama616

Hey there! I march to the beat of my own drum. I work in the music business and because of that, travel often. I'm cynical, yet positive, with a very healthy dose of sarcasm. I love writing. This blog is a mishmash of everything I am passionate about, categorized for your organized glimpse into my head, if you will. I find inspiration and beauty in the oddest things and I wholeheartedly admit that I have a shopping problem. Humor, fashion, art in every format, creating amazing dishes, local breweries, whiskey tasting, hockey, sword fighting, remembering to appreciate the little things and making people laugh are some of the things that I enjoy. The world is our playground and you have found your way to mine. Let me show you the world through my eyes, and hopefully, give you a laugh while I'm at it.

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