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I’ve been a little bummed out recently about how my blog seems to have lost its power in the past week. I have, in my opinion, written some pretty good pieces recently that have barely received a glance. I don’t know if I’m not “tagging” properly, or if a comedy piece on the new Pope reality show is not something that interests my readers or the people of Planet Blog.  My Random Tales – True  section offers some entertaining tales of some not so glamourous things that have happened to me while “living the dream” of touring with bands. My observant take on the NHL’s fashion sense got only 1 “like”. Really???  My funny and informative fencing post only gained the attention of my fellow HEMA members, via Facebook, but barely a glance here on WordPress. This stuff is GOLDEN, people!

It seems the only posts getting any real attention…

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About Erin Lynch

Hi there! I run a band/artist/production and event management company called FlyingFox AB based out of Stockholm, Sweden where I manage some well known bands and artists. I also offer services in consultancy, tour, production and event management. I've been in the business for 23 years. During this time, I have earned vast experience in all aspects of the music business and live events. I'll not bore you will all of the details here. Currently, with all of this Covid-19 nonsense going on, I've found myself with quite a bit of time on my hands. I still have a company to run, and artists to take care of. However, with 189 shows cancelled this year, let's just say loads of time has suddenly opened up. I've been feeling "non-essential", frustrated, angry, hopeless. This thing has knocked myself, and so many others completely off guard. Those of us who have dedicated our entire careers to the live music, art, event and entertainment sectors are in critical need of genuine support. That's why I've recently also started a non-profit called C.R.E.W Coalition. C.R.E.W stands for Career Restricted Event Workers. Please feel free to explore what we're all about, and don't hesitate to drop me a message via the Contact form, or email. I'm always welcome to suggestions, assistance, feedback, networking, etc.


  1. This happens to me all the time. The pieces I pore over get no attention, my off-the-cuff half-assed stuff is like porn or something. Why?

    • It’s infuriating! I like to think i’m pretty hilarious, obviously, but my funny stuff goes completely unnoticed. A picture I took with my cell phone and posted from my phone, gets 20 likes in the first 5 minutes.
      This I vow to you, as I thoroughly enjoy your writing… I will always read your long posts, not just the ones with 6 words and a nice picture.

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