About the Bohemian Playground

Hey there! I see you have found your way over to the Bohemian section of The Playground. The Playground is my world. A place where I can be free. Free to express my passions, fears, loves, disappointments and general rantings. This is a bit of a different outlet from my regular Playground. Here, you may get lengthy posts about something in the news that is pissing me off and I feel needs to be addressed in a peaceful manner, or you may just get a haiku and a photo.

So take off your shoes, open your mind,  explore, leave a comment, interact with the other kids on this playground, and The Playground home base. Never forget though, that there’s a whole giant playground out there waiting for you to explore….. the world. It’s the only one we have, so get out there and play!


One comment

  1. hi there! glad to have come across your blog via Manon Lesko… small world! 🙂
    my very best and friendly greetings, Mélanie – Toulouse, France

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